After surgery under general anesthesia, most patients will begin to awaken in the recovery room. As you awaken you may be aware of a clear oxygen mask on your face. Please leave this in place. You may also be aware of some oiliness in and around your eyes. Your anesthesiologist may use some non-medicated ointment to protect your eyes while you are sleeping.

Repair of Hip Fracture , Dr. Bergman

You may also be aware of pain at the site of your surgery. A recovery room nurse will be with you as you awaken. She will give you pain medicine, according to your need. This medicine acts very rapidly and is very effective. The more pain medicine you use, the more sleepy and forgetful you will be. Some people don’t remember the recovery room. It’s o.k. if you don’t remember being in the recovery room.

Most patients stay in the recovery room about an hour, and then are moved to a hospital bed.