The purpose for this page and the pages to which it refers, is to give you a preview of the type of anesthesia your anesthesiologist may recommend to you for your surgical procedure. After you have read here about choice of anesthesia for your procedure, you may wish to consult the pages of this document that discuss that type of anesthesia – for example, general anesthesia.
Please realize that a recommendation of anesthesia for your surgery depends not only on the type of surgery, but on your medical history and present medical condition. That of all the physicians who care for you, your anesthesia doctor is best qualified to recommend anesthesia for your surgery. Only he is specially trained and experienced in the administration of anesthetics.   Alice.JPG (38402 bytes)
Please understand also that your anesthesia doctor cannot and will not force you to accept a type of anesthesia to which you do not agree. He is eager to help you choose anesthesia that provides the best combination of comfort and safety.


          Breast surgery                             

          Hernia Repair

          Colon resection

          Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

          Total Hip replacement

          Carotid Endarterectomy


          Urologic Surgery