Anesthesia Information for Patients

If I only Knew what to Expect....


Many of the anxieties of surgical patients center on the unknown character of the experience. This document can provide you with information about your coming visit to the operating room.

Anesthesia For Your Procedure


General Anesthesia


Obstetric Anesthesia


Pediatric Anesthesia


Local anesthesia and sedation


Anesthesia for Endoscopy

Epidural Anesthesia


Axillary block




Meet your Anesthesiologist




Blood Transfusion


Special Monitors




In the Operating Room


After Surgery


I'm Staying in the Hospital


I'm going home after surgery




Driving to Boca Raton Community Hospital


Anesthesia Billing questions




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This document was created to Inform patients about Anesthesia and Surgical services at The Boca Raton Community Hospital and BRCH Outpatient Surgery Center.

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