Every anesthetic has risks. Risks of general anesthesia include death, brain damage, heart damage, liver and kidney damage. They include nerve damage, damage to eyes, teeth, skin.

Fortunately anesthetic accidents are very rare. Anesthesia related mortality is about 1 in 200,000 surgeries. Risk is far less in healthy young patients and somewhat more in ill, older patients and in emergency situations. One way to measure the risk of anesthesia is to compare malpractice insurance premiums for anesthesiologists with those of other medical specialists. The premiums are a pretty good measure of risk. In the last ten years, premiums for anesthesiologists have decreased such that they are only a little higher than for primary care physicians. lois copy.JPG (24129 bytes)

The best safeguard against risks of anesthesia is an experienced, well trained physician anesthesiologist. All anesthesia at Boca Raton Community Hospital is provided by board certified physician anesthesiologists. We employ no nurse anesthetists.